Round 1 - Outstanding games written by dirtbox, 7 years ago

Due to PC problems I have been inactive in following up the games but now I am back so I will be pushing you hard. I am still waiting to hear from people for results in the following games. Please try to have them done by Sunday.

mushi vs norules
nekbar vs JOn*
MAD-JOE vs Ake Vader*
darff* vs Taiyoukai
overflow vs Acid-Sem

The people with * will get the WO if the game does not go ahead as they have been in contact with me or have been actively trying to get the games going. If you cannot find your opponent, message them using this website or jump in #mofo or #thunderdome on


Season 3 - Draw is up! written by dirtbox, 7 years, 1 month ago

The draw for Season 3 is now up. Good luck to everyone.

The seeding was based on Thunderdome 3 (and to a lesser extent Thunderdome 2). It was based on division and then place. Anyone who did not compete in the previous 2 thunderdome's share the same seed.

If you are having trouble contacting the player, you can use this website to send private messages otherwise let me know.


Season 3 - Registrations Open! written by dirtbox, 7 years, 1 month ago

I am going to hold a small 16 (or maybe 32) player TB3 1on1 tourney again. First in best dressed.

Games will need to be played approximate 1 per week. All games are TB3 and BO3 including finals with the grand final being 2x BO3 if the losers bracket winner wins the first BO3.

Results from the previous seasons were:

Season 2
1. Rikoll
2. Locktar
3. Lac

Season 1
1. Rikoll
2. avenger
3. dirtbox